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Everything you need to know about the new R35V Rambler 3500 Sprinter Van Wheels by REIKA Wheels!

REIKA has created the first Super Single (SUSI) alloy wheel made for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500. Inspired by the rugged, off-road look of our original R35 Rambler, this one-of-a-kind SUSI has replaced the need for the traditional dually setup for the 3500 Sprinter Vans.

Video Summary

Everything you need to know about the new, innovative Super Single wheel setup for the 3500 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans.

Video Transcript

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Hey guys, Bruno with REIKA Wheels. Today we are here to show you the brand new R35V Super Single set for the Mercedes-Benz 3500 dually vans.

Alright, so we’ll start off with the Satin Black set right here, this is the super single rear that eliminates running two wheels in the rear of that 3500 van.

The bolt pattern is a 6×205, we included some knurling on both bead seats here, so it’ll help out with keeping that tire in the bead and not de-beading as fast as you would or as quickly as you would with a non knurled bead seat. This is what the rear of the wheel looks like.

We’ll move on to the front. This is the front wheel right here, all wheels are rated at 4,400 lbs. The knurled bead seats on this wheel as well.

Here we have probably the coolest feature of this whole setup right here, is this Universal spare. We designed this spare to be ran on the front, so this would be facing out, or you can actually face it the other way and now it becomes your rear wheel.

These are also marked with spare on this mounting surface and we did that with a reason. We didn’t want you guys to be running this wheel for long periods of time. You know, this is more to get you in and out of a trail if you do get a flat, or you’re going to work, or you’re on the way to your trip and you get a flat tire.

You don’t have to carry two different spares anymore or a single steel wheel. Now you can carry an aluminum wheel that matches the rest of your wheels and it looks just as good.

Alright, so now let’s move on to the most popular finish. This is the Bronze. These are all the same specs, the same kits, two fronts, two rears, one spare, a lug kit, all rated at 4,400 lbs. These do meet or exceed DOT standards. We had a lot of questions about DOT testing. They all meet or exceed those standards.

So, these wheels were also designed with big brake kits (BBK) in mind. These vehicles can go upwards of 10-12,000 lbs and obviously with all that weight you do need more stopping power.

There was nothing in the market for a 16″ wheel so we designed it to be a 17″ wheel and it works with a ROTORA Big Brake Kit as well.

I’ll point out one more thing on this universal spare that we designed. So, obviously these vans are all six lug, so 6×205 is the bolt pattern.

Our spare actually has 12 different holes. This one’s going to have a counter-sink, so you’re going to have six of them on this side here. So, when you see the counter sink on the outside like this, right now this is your front spare. When you flip it the other way, now your counter sink holes, you got six of them here, so now it’s a rear spare.

So always keep that in mind when you do run this wheel, you don’t want to put the lug nuts on this hole here, you always want to be running it on the counter sink. That’s it right there.

So these wheels are available now. If you guys have been waiting for these and you know they’re going to fit your vehicle, you can shop on the website, it is

If you are not sure about fitment or tire sizes, any questions you may have, I’m going to drop my email in the section below.

You guys can just grab it from there, shoot me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll be more than glad to help you guys out.

Alright, so there we have it. Thank you guys for watching, thanks for supporting. If you guys are running these wheels on your vans, please shoot us an email with these photos, we’d love to feature you on social media. See you guys out there!

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