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Lift Kits: Get Up and Out There

REIKA Lift Kits are designed with adventure in mind. By increasing the vehicle ride height, your CUV can accommodate larger tires while maintaining the factory alignment and ride quality. With added ground clearance, you can now participate in more extreme adventures. Our lift kits are E-coated, affordable, easy to install and vehicle specific, ensuring that any adventure you embark on is an enjoyable one.


All REIKA lift kits are manufactured and painted using E-coating, which is a wet paint finishing process meant to protect steel and metal parts from corrosion. This process is relatively complex in which a metal component is immersed in a water-based solution that contains a paint emulsion. Once washed and coated with Phosphate, an electric current is disbursed, causing the paint emulsion to condense and form evenly over the metal component. The strength of the electric charge is usually between 25-400 volts and determines the thickness of the coat. The part is then washed again and baked in an industrial oven at 375 degrees for a minimum of 20 minutes where the paint cures and becomes ready to go. 


Our lift kits are designed with affordability in mind. With competitive pricing, we wanted to offer our customers a vehicle specific solution that increases the ability to get off the beaten path and explore, all while protecting the vehicle’s undercarriage AND not breaking the bank. We’ve manufactured a strong and durable product and offer our kits at the low cost of $249 plus tax and shipping. The increased ride height with our REIKA lift kits is a bonus when exploring the great outdoors. Adding just a few inches of ground clearance can significantly increase your ability to get over rocks, brush, or tough terrain that you may not have been able to manage before lifting your vehicle. 

Vehicle Specific

While developing our lift kits, we made sure to check all the boxes that ensure safety and perfect fitment for each vehicle. Designed for Subaru Outback, Forester, Crosstrek and Toyota RAV4 models, our kits will give you that extra lift you are looking for. REIKA kits can be installed either professionally or within the comfort of your own driveway or garage. Automotive experience is a plus, but not a requirement. In addition to the detailed installation guide provided with the kit, you can check out a live install with expert instruction on REIKA’s YouTube channel (link below). With plenty of resources available to assist in your upgrade, you will be lifted and on your way in no time.  

The pursuit of adventure begins with you, REIKA is what gets you there! 

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