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New Cutting-Edge Subaru Technology proves Cradle Drops Ineffective

In recent engineering developments, Subaru has ensured that newer generation Compact Utility Vehicle (CUV) models will no longer need a rear cradle drop.

Through their recent engineering developments, Subaru has ensured that newer generation Compact Utility Vehicle (CUV) models such as the Outback, CrossTrek, and Forester will maintain consistent alignment across the camber and no longer require a rear cradle drop that was necessary in previous models. Due to the vastly improved geometric engineering within these vehicles, kits that accommodate a rear optimal lift of 1.5’’ (such as our REIKA 2’’ Lift Kit for Subarus), will not require rear cradle drops.

The Advantages of Not Having a Cradle Drop

Conventionally speaking, Subaru vehicles are thought to be light even with a -.5 degree camber, thus cradle drops in past models assured that a camber lift would provide a significant boost to the vehicle’s off road capabilities. However, with a cradle drop there is a considerable decrease in ground clearance which results from having to lower the exhaust, almost crossing out any clearance increase that was directed from the lift hence why a cradle drop with older models of Subarus were not always optimal. Cradle drops on older Subaru CUVs also required additional installations, creating strenuous steps during the installation process.

The ability to have increased ground clearance is advantageous while traveling on off road terrain. Aside from the crucial increase in ground clearance, the easier installation of rear spacers, and overall geometric stability in these new CUV Subarus almost indicates rear cradle drops to be disadvantageous.

Subframe Spacers are No Longer Needed

Subframe rear spacers were often used for cradle drops in accordance with previous Subaru CUV builds as they were fundamentally necessary. Such as cradle drops are not needed, the rear subframe spacers are also no longer needed given the vehicular geometric improvements. 

Hence, REIKA’s lift kits for new generation Subaru CUVs do not include subframe spacers as rear cradle drops are no longer required.

Our Lift Kit for Subaru CUVs

Our comprehensive 2’’ lift kit allows for outstanding ride quality. Featuring heavy duty 1/4 ‘’ plates and unparalleled grade 8 hardware, our lift kit is also specially E – COATED to safeguard against harsh weather conditions and off road terrain. Our Subaru 2’’ Lift Kit is designed for effortless and efficient installation, allowing you to jumpstart your traverse through off road terrain with ease. 

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