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REIKA and Subie & You! Discuss Company and Community Building

Today’s compact utility vehicles (CUVs), especially all-wheel drive models, are well adept at handling various terrains and more owners are traveling offroad to experience new journeys. This sense of adventure has unified an entire community of CUV enthusiasts, and no more so than the Subaru loyalists.  Many Subaru owners are passionate about their vehicles and share their dedication on various social media platforms and podcasts.  Here, ideas can be exchanged, builds can be viewed and upgrades can be evaluated.

Subie & You! is one of those special podcasts where all things Subaru are discussed with moderator Rafael Ruiz. Weekly, Rafael’s podcast shares the stories and experiences of drivers and business owners within the Subaru community. One such conversation features Bruno Paulin from REIKA Vehicle solutions. 

Throughout the hour-long podcast, Bruno and Rafael discuss the origin, wheel and lift kit products and future of REIKA VS.  As a company that began with the mission of “providing customers with the highest quality equipment that will allow them to travel further, experience new adventures and discover extraordinary destinations”, it is no surprise that REIKA is committed to building community – just like Subaru owners. Rafael and Bruno spend a good deal of time talking about the sense of camaraderie that is thoroughly enjoyed within the “soft roading” crowd. When Rafael asks his guests “What’s your favorite part of being a Subaru owner?”, the most common response is – being part of the community.

Collaboration, co-branding, cooperation and community building are essential components of the REIKA way. These same principles are shared by the Subie & You! podcast and clearly become apparent as the podcast progresses.  More importantly, REIKA and Subie & You! fall right in line with the Subaru culture and the mission of the car company itself – all three organizations are committed to being a part of the greater good.

To hear more about REIKA’s products and the community we are building, check out the Subie&You! Podcast episode #48.

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